[10 BEST] AI Image Enhancer Apps For Content Creators (June 2024)

10 Best AI Image Enhancer & Upscaler Tools (100% Working)

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Updated on 08 May 2024 

There are certain moments when you search for the best AI image enhancer tools so you can upscale your lower resolution images to higher resolution with clear pixels.

Previously, images are upscaled though the use of software capability that take much time on image enhancement.

With AI-powered tools, image enhancer become easy and time saving.

Basically, these are artificial intelligence (AI) powered image upscalers that affix pixels to achieve clarity and better color composition.

Since AI technology is increasing rapidly, advanced AI image enhancers have developed. They have been more powerful and offer batch upscaling with a rapid rendering process.

And there’s a lot they offer.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the best pick of AI image enhancer and upscaler tools that works perfectly for everyone.

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What Is AI Image Enhancer?

AI image enhancer or AI image upscaler uses artificial intelligence technologies to replicate images in higher resolution with clear pixels.

These tools use an advanced AI upscaling method that is efficient in enhancing images of any quality into a good one.

You can expect to generate high-resolution images from blurred/flickery images with AI image enhancer tools.

10 Best AI Image Upscalers (100% Working)

Underneath are our top-picks for the best AI image enhancer and upscaler tools.

1. Gigapixel AI

Gigapixel AI Image Enhancer

Gigapixel AI is an intelligent AI image enhancer software that uses deep learning to increase the quality of photos.

You can expect to generate detailed and high resolution images that are good to go for better printing, cropping, restoration, and more.

You can get started with the platform by starting your free trial. Free trial offers you a leap of exceptional features for a limited time.

Top features:

  • Crystal-clear upscaling with no blocky artifacts.
  • Fix extreme pixilation in low-resolution images.
  • Remove close-up compression artifacts.
  • Recover natural details and textures in low-resolution faces.
Pricing Details:
– Free trial available.
– One time price, buy for $99.99

2. Upscale.media


Upscale.media is a standalone web-based AI image enhancer that allows users to enlarge and enhance blurry images with unmatched clarity and details.

It’s a quick AI image upscaler in this list that works in a simple manner. Upload your image, choose an upscale ratio, and it’s done.

It supports png, jpeg, jpg, and webp. Also you can upscale images through pasting the image address link. Moreover, its free version offers five free credits along with downloading respectively.

Top features:

  • Supports PNG, JPEG, JPG, and WEBP file types.
  • Automated upscaling process in a matter of seconds.
  • High-resolution images with fully automated processing.
  • Upscale anything from paintings to digital art, and more.
Pricing Details:
– Free plan for forever.
– Paid plans start at $0.08 per credit.

3. Icons8

Icons8 AI photo enlarger

Icons8 is a brilliant AI image upscaler platform where you get support for online AI image upscaling as well as Mac app support for background removal, upscale images, and many more.

You can upload a maximum five hundred images up to 5MB images can be upscaled up to 7680 x 7680 pixels. The technology works in the saddle illuminates to leverage production-quality image upscale, high-quality clarity, and fast rendering of files.

Top features:

  • Upload up to 500 images at once.
  • Use a Mac app to upscale images and have more fun.
  • Smart Upscaler API access for astonishing results.
  • Lossless quality delivered for any type of image format.
Pricing Details:
– Free, Unlimited subscription starts at $99 per month.

4. HitPaw Photo Enhancer

HitPaw Photo Enhancer

HitPaw photo enhancer is a great software to fix blurry photos, restore old photos, quick upscaling, and much more.

It is not available as web-based though compatible with Windows 7 and above versions including Mac operating system.

This AI photo enhancer software is packed with some cool functions such as one-click image upscaling, enlarging, and downloading.

Additionally, this enhancer is also equipped with a TikTok watermark remover, screen recorder, video object remover, and more.

Top features:

  • Available for Mac and Windows.
  • Upscale to HD, 2K, 4K, and 8K.
  • Powerful one-click feature for everything.
  • Batch processing for a large number of images.
Pricing Details:
– Free, Paid plans start at $19.99 per month.

5. AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI

AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI

AVCLabs is a replica to HitPaw AI photo enhancer software available for both Windows and MacOS featuring AI-powered photo tools.

By using this software you can expect to get super resolution images, distorted photos, lossless quality images, color enhancement, background removal, and much more.

AVCLab’s photo enhancer can work on many photos including landscape, portrait, animation, and nature. It supports batch processing and fast downloading as well.

Top features:

  • Upscale your image up to 400 percent.
  • Uses deep learning for image super resolution.
  • Removes image noise and grain automatically.
  • AI toolset for recovering and retouching your image.
Pricing Details:
– Free, paid plans start at $19.95 per month.

6. Zyro

Zyro AI Image Upscaler

Created by Hostinger, Zyro is a free and simple tool for AI image upscale. You can use this platform for quick, seamless, and quality image upscaling requirements.

As you can enhance every type of image including landscape, portrait, black and white, wedding, etc. but it doesn’t allow batch conversion and rendering.

With no monthly fee payment or rollover subscription headache, this platform is 100% free to use as many times as you want to use!

Top features:

  • Downloading without watermarks.
  • Clean and seamless user interface.
  • Works with PNG and JPG file formats.
  • No restrictions on the number of photos to upscale.
Pricing Details:
– Free for forever.

7. DeepImage AI

DeepImage AI

DeepImage AI is a well-known AI image upscaler that ties photographers and eCommerce professionals with its avantgarde services.

They could expect to get good quality upscaling in a few clicks. This tool is also best in noise reduction, sharpness, color and light correction, and background removal.

If you’re involved in product selling, this tool can be a game-changer for good reasons!

Top features:

  • Support upscaling up to 4 times.
  • Export images as JPG, PNG, or WEBP.
  • Adjust the color and lighting of upscaled photos.
  • Upscale images using aspect ratio and dimensions.
Pricing Details:
– Free, Paid plans start at $9.00 per month.

8. Pixelcut

Pixelcut AI image upscaler

You can assume that Pixelcut works similar to Zyro. It is also free to use and has a seamless user interface for AI image upscale.

The difference is that Pixelcut is trusted by 15M people and available for iPhone and Android. It supports batch upscale, fast render, resolution enhancement, and much more.

Again! It’s completely free – use as many times as you want for your work!

Top features:

  • Increase resolution without removing details or any.
  • Upload multiple images and batch processing.
  • Clean and simple user interface.
  • No payment requirement, 100% free to use.
Pricing Details:
– Free for forever.

9. Vance AI

Vance AI

Vance AI is an hybrid AI image upscaler tool in this list. It offers both web-based image upscaling and offline image enhancement using AI.

This tool is widely known for image upscaling as it offers up to 800% image upscale readout, thanks to deep learning algorithms.

You can pick this software as your default AI image upscaling projects. It’s especially good for designers and filmmakers.

Top features:

  • Advanced and diverse upscaling models.
  • Data safe guaranteed and protection policy.
  • Batch processing of images via the desktop app
  • Enlarge images by up to 800% without any quality loss.
Pricing Details:
– Free, paid plans start at $4.95 per 100 credits

10. Clipdrop

Clipdrop AI image enlarger

Boiling down the list, Clipdrop is another good AI image upscaler to use for free. It’s a web-based tool that gradually removes compression, noise, and sharpness from the image and enhances the overall look.

The platform comes as both an online tool and an API which makes it suitable for both individuals and developers. Some of its features can only be unlocked when you upgrade to its PRO plans.

Top features:

  • Support maximum of 10 files for image upscale.
  • Automatically remove compression and noise.
  • API integration for more flexibility and creativity.
  • Upscale image up to 16 times without noise.
Pricing Details:
– Free, paid plans start at $13.26 per month.

Best AI Image Enhancer Price Comparison

Ranking Tool Pricing Free Option
1. Gigapixel AI $99.99 (one time) ✔️
2. Upscale.media $0.08 per credit ✔️
3. Icons8 $99 per month ✔️
4. HitPaw Photo Enhancer $19.99 per month ✔️
5. AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI $19.95 per month ✔️
6. Zyro by Hostinger Free ✔️
7. DeepImage AI $9.00 per month ✔️
8. Pixelcut Free ✔️
9. Vance AI $4.95 per 100 credits ✔️
10. Clipdrop $13.26 per month ✔️

Benefits Of AI Image Upscaler

AI Image Upscaler can gradually make your distorted images cool, clear, and sharp. It can reduce compression and noise to make it more clear and high quality.

Besides upscaling, AI-powered photo enhancer tools can also remove background from the image, change color and light elements, remove watermarks, and much more.

Through the use of AI image upscaling tools users can expect to get sharper and realistic images in shorter time than manual methods. This could heavenly advantage businesses to save time and cost on training.

These tools are good for designers with any range of skills, eCommerce brands, professional photographers, and others.

Summing Up

Well, anyone can use and benefit from AI image upscaling tools. Mentioned tools in regard to image upscaling using artificial intelligence are top-picked and most of them are free to use for forever. Apart from the the list of top 10 AI image enhancer tool, you can also try Luminar AI which pretty much works like these tools.

You can try Zyro which is completely “FREE” for image upscaling. Alternatively, try HitPaw Photo Enhancer which is an offline version that offers more advanced features for image upscale and more.

Well, that’s the end of the blog. Thanks for reading 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

How does artificial intelligence improve image quality?

Artificial intelligence is used for image upscaling. It analyzes the image pixels and composition of colors and multiplies to achieve higher resolution with zero noise and distortion possible.

Which is the best AI image upscaler platform?

Upscale.media is the best AI image upscaler for anyone. It allows upscaling up to 4x with clarity and details assured.

Is there any free image upscaler?

Yes, Zyro is a free-to-use image upscaler platform. Simply upload your image and let the conventional neural networks do the magic.

Who can use AI image enhancer tools?

Anyone can use AI image upscaling. Right from designers and sole-professionals to eCommerce brands to real estate ventures can use AI image enhancer tools.

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