2024’s Top Financial Apps For Empowered Saving

2024’s Top Financial Apps For Empowered Saving

by Neeraj Gupta — 4 weeks ago in Finance 4 min. read

Have you been counting your coins and saving for many years? Or are you just starting to prioritize a stable financial future?

Whichever the case may be, financial apps for empowered saving have never been easier with the rise of smartphone apps where you can save, invest, and track your spending habits.

Forget boring meetings with financial advisors or sitting in a stuffy office at the bank to discuss your saving options. There are several apps that have made financial management more effortless than ever before.

Let’s dive into the top 5 financial apps for 2024 and take a closer look at how each of these apps can empower you to save more for the future.

1. Acorns

Image by Satheeshsankaran on Pixabay

Image by Satheeshsankaran on Pixabay

  • Best for: Saving and investing your spare change
  • Cost: $3 – $9 per month
  • Key features: Round-Ups feature that invests your spare change; diversified investment portfolio

Acorns is known for its user-friendliness. This app makes investing easy by taking your spare money and using it to invest in a diversified portfolio managed by investment firms.

All you have to do is connect your bank account to the app, and your investments will be automated.

You can choose from three payment tiers:

  • $3: Acorns Personal
  • $5: Acorns Personal Plus
  • $9: Acorns Premium

2. Quicken Simplify

Screenshot from Quicken Simplify

Screenshot from Quicken Simplifi

  • Best for: Managing your finances
  • Cost: $2.99 per month (billed annually)
  • Key features: Spending plans, bill payments, setting savings goals

Quicken Simplifi is all about simplifying your finances. You can link your bank account, investment account, and credit card to the app. This allows you to track and manage everything on your phone!

Plus, Simplifi can give you real-time financial reports that help you see where you can cut back and divert money toward savings. It also has a projected cash flow feature, so those just starting their savings journey can easily see where their money will be going in the future.

3. Rocket Money

Screenshot from Rocket Money

Screenshot from Rocket Money

  • Best for: Tracking your expenses
  • Cost: Free; $6 – $12 per month
  • Key features: Monitors your expenses; cancels subscriptions

We’d go as far as to say Rocket Money isn’t exactly a savings app, but it’s more of an expense app. That’s because it checks out your billing history, keeping a keen eye on your subscriptions. Using the app, you can then easily cancel any subscriptions you no longer use or need.

By cutting out those unnecessary expenses, you can take control of your finances.

Apart from the subscription canceling feature, you can create a budget, automate savings, and track other expenses.


Screenshot from YNAB

Screenshot from YNAB

  • Best for: Budgeting
  • Cost: From $8.25 per month; Free 34-day trial
  • Key features: Money plan

YNAB (which stands for You Need A Budget and is pronounced “why-nab”) is an easy-to-use budgeting app. Changing your relationship with your money will make you feel more in control. Simply connect all your accounts and start tracking your spending (and saving!).

YNAB is built on four pillars:

  • Give every dollar a job: Make sure each dollar you spend is used properly before your next paycheck comes.
  • Embrace your true expenses: Unexpected expenses, like car repairs, are a normal part of life (and unavoidable).
  • Roll with the punches: Stay flexible since no two months will ever look the same.
  • Age your money: Learn to use a previous month’s income to pay the following month’s bills.

5. SoFi

Screenshot from SoFi

Screenshot from SoFi

  • Best for: Financial tracking, investing, saving and credit monitoring
  • Cost: No monthly banking fees
  • Key features: Financial tracking, automated savings, investing

If you’re serious about saving and investing, SoFi is the app for you.

This app has a feature called “Relay” that allows you to track all your finances and savings across your different accounts. But it’s more than just an app; it’s a platform where you can bank, use your credit cards, invest, and apply for loans.

What makes SoFi unique from other apps is that it offers free credit monitoring. This provides a comprehensive look at your overall financial health.

The Power of Saving for Financial Security

Building financial security is key to a stable future. Budgeting and saving go beyond apps; they’re pillars for long-term well-being.

Through budgeting, you can:

  • Achieve long-term goals: Analyze your spending and allocate funds toward a dream home, career change, or retirement plan.
  • Curb spending: Non-essential expenses such as your daily latte or streaming service subscription may not cost much, but these can add up quickly. Get a clear picture of your cash flow and minimize impulsive spending or expenses.
  • Prepare for emergencies: Build an emergency fund so that you’re ready for unexpected expenses. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that your savings won’t be depleted.
  • Save for retirement: You might feel like retirement seems so far away, but it’s never too early to be prepared for it. By budgeting and saving now, you will be more financially stable in the future when you can no longer work.

Final Thoughts

The road to financial security can appear daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with budgeting and saving. Perhaps your financial literacy isn’t where you want it to be. However, building a secure future requires taking the first step.

Financial security is an investment in your long-term well-being. Budgeting and saving tools can be valuable along this journey. They offer resources, support, and everything you need. But, the real power is in your commitment to make a change.

Every small change toward mindful spending and financial planning adds up. So, why wait? Start building that secure future that you deserve.

Neeraj Gupta

Neeraj is a Content Strategist at The Next Tech. He writes to help social professionals learn and be aware of the latest in the social sphere. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology and is currently helping his brother in the family business. When he is not working, he’s travelling and exploring new cult.

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