10 Best AI Text To Speech Generator (October 2024)

10 Best AI Text To Speech Generator (October 2024)

by Daniel Abbott — 9 months ago in Top 10 8 min. read

Updated On 08 January, 2024 

Need AI text to speech generator that can help create realistic speeches from text? Explore best AI text to speech tools in this blog.

The exponential growth of artificial intelligence has let us witness a wide range of AI text to speech generators and software.

Whether say AI text to speech tools or AI voice generators – they are speech synthesis applications that mainly processes text and converts & reads it like a human.

Today, it is being used in a variety of manners, including as co-pilot technology for individuals with learning difficulties and by enterprises and content creators as voiceovers.

Artificial intelligence powered text to speech tools are widely used in gaming, voice assistant creation, audiobooks, branding, animation, and much more.

What AI Text-To-Speech Does?

AI text to speech incorporates artificial intelligence technology that converts written text into spoken words.

It uses algorithms to analyze the contraction of the text and generate natural-sounding voices.

One of the popular examples of AI-based speech synthesis is Google Cloud’s text to speech service.

It offers high fidelity speech, widest voice selection, and one-of-a-kind voice.


In this blog, we’ve picked the best of the best AI text-to-speech tools for you. In case you need speech synthesis with artificial intelligence, you can try any one of them with confidence.

10 Best AI Text To Speech Tools (Most Are Free)

Here are the 10 best text to speech generators for content creators, digital marketers, and enterprises.

1. Speechify

Speechify AI text to speech tool

📄 Text limitation: None (Unlimited)
📁 File support: MP3
⬇️ Downloading: Available

With speechify you can create bulk text-to-speech voices with artificial intelligence. Its algorithm analyzes the context of the text and delivers natural-sounding speech.

You can listen at any speed and download on your device to listen to them offline. It is a good text to speech generator for standard work.

Top features:

  • Listen on desktop or mobile devices.
  • Natural-sounding human voices.
  • Free audio file download.
  • Upload files and convert at speed.
Pricing Details:
– Free for forever.

2. Lovo.ai

Lovo ai text to speech generator

📄 Text limitation: 5000 characters (free trial)
📁 File support: Not disclosed
⬇️ Downloading: Available

Lovo.ai is an award-winning AI text to speech generator in this list. Unlike Speechify, it provides you max 180 characters of text to speech conversion for a trial.

To enjoy full-fledged features, either you can start a limited-time free trial that allows you leverage all the pro plans features including AI writer, AI art generator, and priority support.

Or, you can start with its basic plan featuring 2000 chars of voice generation and five limited voice cloning with unlimited downloads and sharing.

Top features:

  • Re-edit generated speeches.
  • Text to speech in 100+ languages.
  • Powered by ultra-realistic AI voices.
  • Video editing capabilities and much more.
Pricing Details:
– Free trial access for limited time.
– Paid plans start at $25/month.

3. Listnr


📄 Text limitation: 1000 words (free trial)
📁 File support: MP3 and WAV
⬇️ Downloading: Available

Listnr can be a useful text-to-speech tool for podcasters, agencies, and freelancers alike. The platform has the most vigorous collection of AI voices and is brilliant in text to speech conversion.

You can use their “demo” service to encounter the experience of platform features and quality of AI voices it generates. It empowers users with 140+ different languages for text to speech generators.

Top features:

  • Customizable audio player embed.
  • Highly personalized to each listener.
  • Unlimited previews and downloads
  • Download your audio as many times as you want.
Pricing Details:
– Free plan for forever.
– Paid plans start at $9/month.

4. WellSaid Labs

WellSaid Labs AI text to speech

📄 Text limitation: 5000 characters
📁 File support: MP3
⬇️ Downloading: Available

WellSaid Labs isn’t a dedicated text to speech platform but it offers voiceovers from text – without compromising on quality.

You would find it a bit different from all other AI text to speech generators because unlike competing options it provides lifelike AI voices, rated as realistic as human recordings.

One of the fascinating features is the Pronunciation Library, that assists users to create better storytelling to the AI how you want.

Top features:

  • Train pronunciation when required.
  • No talent or studio bottlenecks.
  • Frequent updates and edit in minutes.
– Free trial for one week.
– Paid plans start at $49/month.

5. Murf.ai

Murf.ai AI text to speech generator

📄 Text limitation: None (Unlimited)
📁 File support: Multiple
⬇️ Downloading: Available

Murf.ai is a powerful text to speech platform that offers robust and convenient features for realistic AI voices.

While others might sound robotic, AI voices created by Murf’s technology don’t sound like robotic voices. This means you won’t even tell between advanced AI voices and recorded human voices.

You can use their studio for ten minutes with voice generation and transcription including unlimited text to speech conversion and downloading.

Additionally, you can import scripts in multiple formats, add media online/offline, and voice changer for free.

Top features:

  • Text to Speech voices in 20 languages.
  • High-quality voices for every use case.
  • Take control of your narration with pitch.
  • Build scalable voice applications with Murf’s API.
– Free plans with no downloading option.
– Paid plans start at $29/month.

6. Speechelo

Speechelo AI text to speech

📄 Text limitation: None (Unlimited)
📁 File support: Multiple
⬇️ Downloading: Available

Speechelo is one of a kind AI text to speech software compatible with macOS, Windows, Ubuntu, Android, and chromeOS.

The software provides inevitable features and functions for seamless text to voice transformation in a matter of three clicks.

Though the software is completely offline it requires an internet connection for better work. There are plenty of reviews and use cases that you can explore for a better understanding of this software. Good luck! 🤞

Top features:

  • Natural-sounding voice overs.
  • Fast text to speech conversion.
  • Promising money back guarantee.
  • Download and share to your loved ones.
Pricing Details:
– One time payment, no monthly fees at $47.

7. Play.ht

Play.ht text to voice generator

📄 Text limitation: 2500 words (free trial)
📁 File support: Multiple
⬇️ Downloading: Available

Play.ht is an user-friendly text to speech platform where you can choose a language or accent from a selection of over 140 languages and download AI voices in mp3 or wav format.

Login to start a free trial and experience premium features like access to all AI voices, high-quality voice cloning, and much more.

The platform is suitable for any size of team and enterprises. Anyone can expect best quality AI text to speech by using this platform.

Top features:

  • 829+ realistic AI voices & accents.
  • Search and preview your voice.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.
  • High priority customer support.
– Free, with monthly plans starting at $39/month.

8. ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs text to speech

📄 Text limitation: 10000 characters (free plan)
📁 File support: Multiple
⬇️ Downloading: Available

ElevenLabs is a simple and straightforward way to generate text to speech with artificial intelligence. The platform doesn’t offer much advanced features like WellSaid Labs. But it is pretty much for creating lifelike voiceovers for your content.

Overall, the AI voice sound-quality is good and clear to listen to. Users can choose language and accent to generate high-quality spoken audio that doesn’t sound robotic – but human kind.

Top features:

  • Decent human quality text to speech.
  • Voice Lab and Voice Library for creativity.
  • Innovative workstation for editing audio and more.
– Free for forever.
– Paid plans start at $5/month.

9. FlexClip

FlexClip AI text to speech generator

📄 Text limitation: 1000 characters (free plan)
📁 File support: Multiple
⬇️ Downloading: Available

FlexClip is another convenient AI text to speech platform for those looking for audio synthesis.

Its web-based tool offers a myriad of solutions for marketing and content creators such as intelligent text to video, video script, image generator, and many more.

Its studio interface is user-friendly and can be learned quickly. In specific AI text to speech features, you can select language, voice and pitch style, speed and style of voice.

After transforming, you can also edit the audio file by adding sound effects and trimming as you want. It’s a good AI-based text to speech for creative people.

Top features:

  • 140+ languages with different accents.
  • Quick conversion and apply in your video.
  • Wide selection of lifelike AI voices.
  • Flexible audio editing feature.
– Free for forever.
– Paid plans start at $19.99/month.

10. Veed


📄 Text limitation: Not disclosed
📁 File support: MP3
⬇️ Downloading: Available

Veed.io generates 100% human-sounding speech aloud with clear audio quality. It features one-click text-to-speech AI and a full suite of AI tools to help you design engaging videos.

The unique thing about this tool is that users can access its web-based studio instantly without even signing up or login. In the free plan, you can have 15 minutes of AI text to speech transformation including five minutes of subtitles translation.

Top features:

  • Realistic AI voices and animated avatars.
  • Link sharing with your friends and colleagues.
  • Hyper fast conversion from text to AI speech.
– Free plan for forever.
– Paid plans start at $3.59/month.

Best AI Text To Speech Generators Price Comparison

Ranking Tool Starting Price Free Option
1. Speechify Free ✔️
2. Lovo.ai $25/month ✔️
3. Listnr $9/month ✔️
4. WellSaid Labs $49/month ✔️
5. Murf.ai $29/month ✔️
6. Speechelo $47.00 ❌
7. Play.ht $39/month ✔️
8. ElevenLabs $5/month ✔️
9. FlexClip $19.99/month ✔️
10. Veed.io $3.59/month ✔️

What Is The Best Free AI Text To Speech Tool?

Speechify is the best free AI text-to-speech generator that turns any basic and professional written text into human-sounding voices with artificial intelligence.

It is perfect for students and beginners but not for big team sizes as it lacks advanced features. Particularly, you can listen at any speed, take you offline, and use it on your desktop or mobile.

Which Is The Most Affordable AI Text To Speech Generator?

Veed’s AI text to speech tool is affordable for those with tight budget scenarios. It is best suitable for small size teams or startups dealing in voice related matters or similar.

Its basic pricing plans provide free watermark video creation along with 15 minutes of text to speech conversion.

Final Thought

In summary, AI text-to-speech has emerged as a powerful tool with the potential to transform the way we communicate, access information, and engage with technology.

With responsible development and thoughtful consideration of ethical implications, AI text to speech holds a positive future for businesses, individuals, and content enthusiasm.

Ending this blog with some of your most common questions regarding AI text to speech generators.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AI text-to-speech work?

TTS systems typically work by analyzing the text, processing linguistic and phonetic information, and then generating speech waveforms based on that analysis.

What are the applications of AI text to speech generators?

AI text-to-speech (TTS) generators have a wide range of applications across various industries and use cases. Be it e-learning and education, voice assistance, customer service chatbots, audiobooks and podcasts.

Can TTS be used for voice cloning or impersonation?

TTS technology has the potential for voice cloning, which can raise ethical concerns related to impersonation and misuse.

What are the challenges in TTS technology?

Challenges in TTS technology include achieving natural-sounding speech, handling various languages and accents. But there are some powerful AI texts to speech that cut these boundaries and provide quality results.

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