How AI Avatar Spokesperson Used In Marketing & Sales

How AI Avatar Spokesperson Used In Marketing & Sales

by Neeraj Gupta — 3 weeks ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

You may have seen various spokespersons on news channels, marketing presentations, and sales representations.

The surprising thing is that few of them are AI created, which means they are not real humans but AI Avatar spokespersons who act, behave, and communicate as real people.

This has been a new and innovative way to engage with audiences and provide informative videos. They can express emotions, talk clearly, understand input, and react accordingly.

Having such an advantage of AI Avatar spokespersons, industries widely anticipate it in their business function for customer satisfaction.

Let’s learn more about virtual avatar characters and it’s helpful for marketing professionals.

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What Are AI Avatar Spokespersons?

In layman terms, an AI avatar spokesperson is a computer-generated character with the help of artificial intelligence that resembles human persona in terms of behavior, appearance, communication, and intellect.

Though they are artificially generated with advanced technology, they understand the real world and are programmed to look, sound, and act like real people.
Additionally, they can be customized according to the suites of business objectives and could be assisted accordingly to achieve the end objectives.

At a glance, it has been used to create videos for a variety of purposes, including marketing, education, and customer service.

What Are The Benefits Of Using AI Avatar Spokespersons In Videos?

Overcoming location barriers, breaking language hurdles, and creating a unique brand identity are the primitive benefits of using AI avatar characters in marketing.

Following advantages could be leverage when digital representation in action:

  • Easily create multiple videos with different avatars speaking different languages.
  • Deliver messages flawlessly, ensuring consistent quality across all your videos.
  • Can be used for explainer videos and educational content to marketing and social media posts.
  • Help customers by providing assistance through AI avatar for any time of day and night.
  • With just a script and a few clicks, you have high-quality video in minutes.

How AI-Powered Virtual Spokesperson Improves Marketing & Communication?

It can be a game-changer for marketing and communication perspectives by enhanced personalization, increased efficiency, and improved engagement.

It can enhance personalization by providing tailored messages and communicating in multiple languages. It can be programmed to deliver messages specific to different audiences, demographics, or regions.

Creating videos with AI avatar can be done quickly through the use of efficient tools which can be more utilized for frequent content production and easier campaign adjustments.

Another improvement can be seen in customer engagement by grabbing their attention and creating a sense of innovation, setting your brand apart from competitors.

By adhering to these possibilities, AI-powered virtual spokespeople can significantly improve the effectiveness of your marketing and communication efforts.

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What Are The Best AI Avatar Video Creation Tools?

In order to achieve improvements with the AI Avatar character, you need to have one first. Creating and implementing an AI avatar is simple and can be done through the mentioned tools.

DeepBrain AI

The platform incubates realistic AI avatars, natural looking appearance and accurate text-to-speech capabilities. Available for free to experience the AI Avatar, users can input script to see how it works in reality.


Synthesia is a perfect platform for creating custom AI avatar for your marketing and sales process. Accurate voice and behavior styling make it a perfect for marketing presentation and more.


For fast creation of AI avatar based video, the platform offers stock AI avatars with custom studio to edit and enhance precisely along with dub words into any video. It also offers digital avatar creation from your webcam.

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In the end…

All of these tools are cost-effective and valuable sources for businesses looking to improve experiences through visual subjects.

AI Avatar is a good bet to improve the marketing process as it helps tailoring messaging while supporting multiple communication to the clients error-free.

Hope you understand the importance of AI Avatar and acknowledge of the best tools that generate AI avatars.

Neeraj Gupta

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