What To Think About When You Want To Purchase A Vac

What to Think About When You Want to Purchase A Vac

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Gadgets 2 min. read

There are numerous kinds of vacuums out there including upright, cylinder robot, handheld, and stick. The way a cable-free stick is made offers the most ease and freedom of movement.

They’re made small for easy stowaway (some can even be placed on the wall!) and lighter to carry than upright and cylinder vacs.

Sticks also have many useful accessories. Such as a crevice tool for awkward areas (car, stairs, etc), an upholstery tool for taking the crumbs off of your beloved furniture, and a motorized brush for collecting your fur baby’s pet hair.

Between the fact cable-free vacuums are rechargeable (some with double battery power potential) and better suction power, you only have to ask yourself, “Why not invest in one?” A good example of cable-free models can be found at the next Dyson vacuum sale you attend.
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Do I make more Dry messes or Wet Messes?

If you tend to have more dry dirt, dust, and a need to clear up allergens a bit too, dry vacuums are the way to go. Most homes have dry vacuums and they work okay. However, should a dry vac accidentally vacuum anything that’s wet, it must be stopped, cleaned, and bone dry before you use it again.

This brings me to the benefit of wet vacuums, which can clean moist and wet dirt as well as water or other liquids directly.

Wet vacs with large compartments are great places to clean your creative or workspace as they’re manufactured to clean both dry dirt, wet dirt, and small spills of water.
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Are cable-free vacs at the same performance level as cable vacs?

If you want the short and sweet answer, it’s yes. However, if they’ll work on your space, in particular, is another question.

If you have a big space to clean and would like to do all of your cleaning in one use, stick vacs smaller dust compartment and battery life with limits won’t work for you.

In truth, stick vacs are made for smaller spaces, like a studio or one bedroom apartment.

If you decide to clean going room to room and it doesn’t bother you to have to empty to dust compartment or take a break for the vac to recharge, then there’s no reason why a cable-free vac you could find at a Dyson sale couldn’t suit your cleaning purposes as well as a cable vac, if not cleaner.
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Let’s talk about a term called Cleaning Reach

According to an official definition from the fabulous team at Dyson Australia, a vac’s cleaning reach or operating radius is the length between the power outlet and the farthest area that can be worked on with the vac.

An upright vacs cleaning reach is the length of its power cord, while the largest cleaning reach of an upright vac with a flexible cleaning hose attachment is the length of the power cord plus the length of the hose. Simple right?

Clearly, cable-free vacs don’t need power outlets to get by and have infinite cleaning reach and it does come with its disadvantages too.

Mainly, a limited amount of energy according to their battery strength and higher prices. Because of advancements in technology, the most sought-after cable-free models have a battery runtime of up to 30-60 minutes.

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