New Bethesda’s Fallout 5: Is It Coming Or Not? Answered

New Bethesda’s Fallout 5: Is It Coming Or Not? Answered

by Bharat Kumar — 2 months ago in Entertainment 5 min. read

Fallout 5 won’t be happening this year! Bethesda remains quiet about confirmation of release date.

Fallout 5 Keynotes

  • The new series of Fallout doesn’t have any official release date.
  • The development will kick start after the completion of The Elder Scrolls 6.
  • Media predicts Fallout 5 platforms include PS5 and Windows.
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When Is Fallout 5 Coming Out?

Speaking of the Fallout 5 release date, Bethesda confirmed that it will launch after the development completion of The Elder Scrolls 6 which definitely takes years off. We won’t see fallout 5 happening until 2030.

Alternatively, it is yet to be officially revealed including the storyline, characters, fallout 5 location and maps, etc.

So, if you were hyped from Fallout 4 and Fallout 3 gameplay, sure this wait would be tempting for many. Whatsoever, the game is in ideology and in queue, the light of day is long to play Fallout 5 on Windows and PS5.


Why is Fallout 5 delayed?

There is only one reason that supports the Fallout 5 launch delay. Since the success of Starfield, the studio’s prime focus became The Elder Scroll 6 which they take seriously and expected to complete its development phase around 2030.

In between, Bethesda doesn’t show aggressive statements regarding the kick start of Fallout Five design and development. So, we conclude that it will happen after the year 2030.

When Can I Expect To Play Fallout 5 Story Game?

Keeping the light of the day intact, may the studio want to keep the fallout 5 experience intact for years.

Assuming that you are a gamer, you won’t expect to play the fifth installment of Fallout until 2030.

On the flip side, it would be nice to see Fallout 5 coming soon, but with no production kick-start yet, no plot discovery and character development, and also no partner contract signing, the fallout 5 has a long day to come into reality.


Which console will it be on?

Advocating the successive release of Fallout 4 and other fallout series saga, the new line story and plot will pursue its old tracks that what we thought of – Windows, Xbox, PS4 and PS5.

Potentially, Fallout 5 will be released for platforms like PS5, Windows, and Xbox. But the interesting part to see would be its exclusive platform partner. Would it be Xbox or PS5?


Important Fallout 5 News

Where will Fallout 5 take place?

Well, that’s hard to say but it could be set in San Francisco. The reason can accumulate from the references to San Francisco in Fallout 4 as shown through the character Kellogg.

Additionally, the Fallout game series has all been set in different cities of the United States. Fallout 4, for example, was set in Boston where Fallout 3 took place in Washington.

What year is Fallout 5 set in?

Fallout 5 will be set in the year 2297, ten years after Fallout 4.

Well, it’s just a prediction from the past fallout series. Fallout 4, for example, took place in the year 2287 which rectifies 10 years after the events of Fallout 3 and 210 years after the Great War between the United States and China.

If the studio follows this terminology for Fallout 5, fans can anticipate the game set for two-hundered and twenty years after the Great War.

Why is Fallout 5 taking so long?

The Fallout 5 release date is taking a long time because the Bethesda community isn’t working on the project right now.

According to the reports, Todd Howard confirmed that the studio is working hard for The Elder Scrolls 6 project while leaving the fifth series of Fallout in queue but, we’re going to be doing it, he added.

Fallout 5 Release Windows

Fallout 5 Release Windows
Fallout 5 Release Windows

Will it be released for Windows? It’s a question that fans have been waiting to know?

Well, the good news is Fallout 5 may release for Windows personal desktop considering that Fallout 4 released for Windows operating system including 11.

Though the game development will start after the year 2030, we may see it for Windows before 2032 while the Xbox version may come earlier.

Fallout 5 Platforms

Fallout 5 Platforms
Fallout 5 Platforms

Successor of Starfield and Fallout 4, the Bethesda Game Studio makes the game accessible across Xbox and PC including PlayStation.

Well, that’s what we can expect with Fallout 5 as well that it will be available on Xbox and PC platforms. However, nothing official has been given in writing yet.

Fallout 5 Development

As “Elder Scrolls 6” is in pre-production, it would not be wrong to say that Fallout 5 won’t release soon, and take a long time for its development to finalize.

Fallout 5 System Requirements

Fallout 5 System Requirements
Fallout 5 System Requirements

Fallout five is the highly-anticipated upcoming add-on that carries the story after the Fallout 4 ending scenario. It may consist of new characters, maps, locations, and DLC for the fans.

The minimum system requirement for running Fallout 5 series include:

Basis Description
CPU Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5
Processing Speed 2.8 Ghz minimum
GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB Or, AMD Radeon R9 390
Disk Space 60 GB
Operating System Windows 10

In order to get the best visual and high refresh rate experience for Fallout 5 gameplay, look out for the recommended requirement things.

  • Windows 11 or Windows 10 (64 bit – professional)
  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 3.7 GHz or equivalent
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 or higher
  • RAM 32 GB (for best gaming experience)
  • Disk space 60 GB (SSD recommended)

As you prepare for the release of Fallout 5, be sure you meet these requirements earlier.

Ending Notes

The Fallout series is incredible and lots of fun. Fallout 5 is not yet confirmed and will take a long time to be seen and played on PC.

As of now there’s no leaks and the latest update came from the studio itself.

Fans may soon hear of Fallout 5 development news as soon as the Studio team finishes Elder Scrolls 6 game project.

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Fallout 5 FAQs

Check out some of the most commonly asked questions related to Fallout 5 location, release date, and news.

Will fallout five xbox exclusive?

May could be Fallout 5 Xbox exclusive but nothing as of now have been officially marked as writing.

Will fallout 5 release for ps5?

Probably yes we can experience fallout 5 for PS5 including Windows.

What year is fallout 5 coming out?

Media reports suggest that Todd Howard and its team will work on the Fallout 5 series after the release of The Elder Scrolls part 6 which took off in 2030.

Why is fallout five taking so long?

The fifth series of Fallout games took a long time because of the pre-production of Elder Scrolls 6 which is predicted to be completed in 2030.

Where will fallout 5 take place?

Based on the previous game settings of Fallout 4, the new Bethesda project called Fallout 5 will be set in the year 2297, ten years after Fallout 4.

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