DaVinci Resolve 19 Review: What’s New & Verdict

DaVinci Resolve 19 Review: What’s New & Verdict

by Bharat Kumar — 2 days ago in Review 6 min. read

The Blackmagic owned Davinci Resolve, a popular video editing software, just got a big update (DaVinci Resolve 19) that makes it much smarter, intelligent and unique from its predecessors, Resolve 18.

The new video editing tool powered with Neural Engine AI and over 100 feature upgrades, making the software top-notch in the areas of filming, VFX editing, color grading, and more.

In this review, learn about the key features in DaVinci Resolve 19 including how to access it on your personal computer for free.

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What Is DaVinci Resolve 19

It is a new iteration in the line of DaVinci Resolve video editing tools. Never before, the software empowers advanced neural engine AI tools that handle and operate most unknowing tasks pleasantly.

With Resolver 19 in action, editors can bring productivity in team, efficiency in work, and upskill talent at a glance. AI-powered track motion, automatically pan audio, text based timeline editing, and automatically created subtitles are few working examples of DaVinci Resolve 19.

The software available in beta mode to the date. Users of Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux can avail public beta versions for free.


DaVinci Resolve 19 Release Date

Indeed, it is a major update to the popular video editing software by Blackmagic Design. As it was announced in April 2024 and is currently in public beta, you can download and try it out for free.

DaVinci Resolve 19 System Requirements

Though the official system requirements haven’t yet been released by the software owner. Here’s a predicted system requirements for the new DaVinci Resolve 19.

Operating System: Windows 11 or later, macOS 12 Monterey or later, Linux CentOS 8 or later

CPU: A high-performance processor is recommended, such as an Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 or equivalent.

RAM: Minimum 16GB of RAM (however 32GB is recommended for complex projects).

Storage: A fast solid state drive (SSD) is highly recommended, for example, NVMe storage is a good option.

GPU: A dedicated GPU with at least 2GB of VRAM (however, AI GPU is highly recommended for complex projects).

What Does Blackmagic Design Announce DaVinci Resolve 19 Can Do?

Under the creation of the Blackmagic community, the software upholds major innovative features and is capable of doing most of the unpleasant work.

Following are a few explanations of DaVinci Resolve 19 new features.

Cloud Collaboration

With the new cloud collaboration interface, DaVinci users can host project libraries on the DaVinci Resolve Project Server in the cloud, and also let you buy or rent DaVinci Resolve Studio licenses.

More in the sleeve, multiple Blackmagic cameras can now upload proxy files and with automatic sync to DaVinci Resolve projects, editors can start editing and grading quickly using proxies.

Intelligent Cut & Edit

Various significant features brought in the segment of Cut and Edit scenarios such as POI-based editing, auto stinger, replay palette, text based timeline editing, AI speech to text transcription with auto subtitles creation.

In addition to this, scene cut detection with Artificial Intelligence can help you with auto analysis for content and cut points placed on every edit, making editing easier and faster. Taking help of AI based voice isolation lets you remove loud, undesirable sounds.

Improved Color Grading

The beta DaVinci Resolve 19 brought few but important changes for color correction and grading characteristics.

Editors can benefit from UltraNR noise reduction, film look creator, ColorSlide six vector grading, market overlays and annotations.

All these features give the editor top notch functionality and wider scope for perfect color grading for their work.

AI Fairlight For Sound

The new DaVinci upgrade also shines in video and sound scenarios as it offers AI Fairlight FX that lets you rebalance dialogue against background sound.

More to say, you get controls for voice, background and ambience, making it perfect for recording in busy locations. Utilizing ambisonic surround sound features, editors can deliver beyond native sound experience to their clients.

Next Generation Engineering

The DaVinci Resolve 19 hosts advanced neural engines with potential machine learning systems which are capable of tasking complex works in an intelligent learning manner.

These advanced engines are designed in a manner to analyze minor things that escape from manuals such as edge detection, color correction, atmospheric simulation, and HDR monitoring.

Having said that, the software is ideal for everything doing crazy and intelligent editing with creativity and technology combination at verge.

Some of the unnoticed new features of DaVinci Resolve 19 as follow:

  • IntelliTrack AI Tracking
  • Music Remixer FX
  • Person Mask
  • SuperScale
  • Smart Reframe for Social Media
  • Stylize with Open FX Library
  • Dead Pixel Fixer
  • Object Removal
  • Patch Replacer
  • Advanced Noise Reduction
  • Mix 2,000 Tracks in Real Time

Davinci Resolve 19 download is available for Windows and MacOS X users.

Who Can Benefit From New Feature Updates In DaVinci Resolve 19 Tool?

DaVinci Resolve 19 Users

If we see DaVinci Resolve 19 closely, the software primarily aimed for following things:

  • Editing
  • Color grading
  • Visual effects
  • Motion graphics
  • Audio mixing

Users relevant to these characteristics are the one benefit from DaVinci Resolve 19. However, some examples of users are:

👉 Professional video editors and colorists: Craziest level of video editors and colorists may be among the top users of this video editing tool.

👉 VFX artists and motion graphics designers: Those who love doing VFX entertainment and motion content can use DaVinci Resolve 19’s Fusion tools to create stunning visual effects and motion graphics for your videos.

👉 Broadcast studios and production companies: DaVinci Resolve 19 is used by many broadcast studios and production companies around the world. For example, Marvel Studio and Apple Inc.

👉 Filmmakers and independent movie producers: DaVinci Resolve 19 has all the tools you need to edit and color grade your film projects. This gives independence to all film makers whether learners or experienced to cater marvel film making.

Difference Between DaVinci Resolve 17, 18, & 19

Basis DaVinci Resolve 17 DaVinci Resolve 18 (Studio) DaVinci Resolve 19 (Beta)
Release Date February 2022 April 2023 April 2024 (Public Beta)
Cost Free and Paid Versions Free Paid
Color Grading Fairlight audio mixing with basic color correction tools Fairlight audio mixing with advanced color correction tools (including HDR grading) Fairlight audio mixing with advanced color correction tools (including HDR grading) and new AI-powered color enhancements
Visual Effects Fusion VFX for basic compositing and motion graphics Fusion VFX for professional compositing, motion graphics, and 3D particle effects Fusion VFX for professional compositing, motion graphics, and 3D particle effects
Audio Mixing Fairlight basic audio mixing tools Fairlight advanced audio mixing tools with Fairlight Audio Fairlight advanced audio mixing tools with Fairlight Audio
Multi-cam Editing Limited multi-cam editing features Advanced multi-cam editing features Advanced multi-cam editing features
Collaboration Tools Limited collaboration features Built-in cloud collaboration tools (requires subscription) Built-in cloud collaboration tools (requires subscription)
AI Features No AI features No AI features New AI tools for object removal, super resolution, and color enhancements
System Requirements Lower system requirements Moderate system requirements Likely similar or slightly higher

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Which DaVinci Resolve Is Best To Download?

Indeed, the new legacy reap the benefits and encounter the post innovations. Speaking factfully, it is definitely leading the edge compared with its predecessors.

Considering installing DaVinci new video editing software is a good option. DaVinci Resolve 19 is currently in public beta, so features and system requirements may change before the final release.

Final Verdict On DaVinci Resolve 19

DaVinci Resolve 19 led the edge among its earlier versions because of new key features such as neural engine AI tools, new color grading tools, fairlight ai audio panning, and multi source editing.

Being in beta mode, some of its features may not completely work as expected, but it’s worth trying for free. So, if you haven’t tried DaVinci Resolve 19 yet, do it now and share your experience with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have doubts? Read some commonly asked questions related to new DaVinci Resolve 19 working.

Is davinci resolve 19 free?

There are two versions of DaVinci Resolve available for free and DaVinci Resolve Studio available as a paid version.

Which davinci resolve is the best?

Ultimately, the studio version is best for professional and auspicious output for your work.

Is DaVinci good for beginners?

Yes, DaVinci is good for beginners but it has some learning curve, so if you have editing knowledge in prior would be beneficial.

Is 4GB RAM enough for davinci resolve?

No, 4GB RAM is not recommended for DaVinci Resolve. DaVinci Resolve is a powerful video editing software that requires a lot of system resources.

Are davinci resolve updates free?

Yes, updates to DaVinci Resolve are generally free, with a caveat.

Which is better between davinci resolve free and davinci resolve studio?

Both are viable options in their own manner. For basic editing requirements, the Davinci Resolve 19 free version is good. For professionals, the studio paid version is the ultimate.

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