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Affiliate World Global 2023

On the 1st and 2nd of March, we joined the world’s biggest affiliate event held in Dubai at World Trade Centre - the “Affiliate World Global 2023” where we got a chance to learn about innovations and meet expert minds across the world. We were also hyped to meet with Mr. Neil Patel and other influential personalities.

Hyped With Great Knowledge and Learning!

The 16 hours of events unleashed great knowledge. We shared our knowledge of digital marketing and the affiliate world with renowned personalities that came across the continents. With all that hype, we cached some new developments and tactics prevailing in the cosmos of affiliate marketing, business growth, and other relevant segments from various great personalities and brands.

Hyped! Influenced! Thankful!

We were hyped and influenced when we met with Neil Patel (Co-Founder, Neil Patel Digital), Alex Ellul (Founder of AE Consulting), Munir Badr (CEO, AEserver & Advisor of and Haran Rosenzweig (Director of Affiliate Sales, Outbrain). They have shared remarkable thoughts and suggestions with a smile. A big, big thanks to them. Affiliate World Global 2023 is the most influential event for us!

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